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Hi M Fifty,
Originally Posted by M Fifty View Post
There's another thread on here somewhere talking about wheel hop. Might be worth looking at.
In my case, changing the tyres to something that is an appropriate tyre for the car fixed the issue.

I also had a handling expert from BMW come with me on a test drive, and I demonstrated to him what the car would do, even at low speed with minimal accelerator pressure. He thoroughly checked the car, including a test drive - according to him, everything was mechanically correct - the hop I was getting was from traction control intervening.

Turning off the traction control diminished, but didn't eliminate, the wheel hop.
Changing the tyres fixed the issue, and as a bonus, improved a whole bunch of other things into the bargain

Like I said, Continental make some good tyres ... just not the ones that BMW used to fit to the M2 at the factory.