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My issue has always been (across several brands) finding coil-over's that ride softer than stock (without being under-damped), even though they lower a bit. And the weird thing is that we're not talking about dropping 2" here, usually 10 to 15mm in the rear, and 15-25mm in the front (that pesky front gap is almost always larger). But it's super hard to find such a thing, and by ALL accounts the M2 needs such, with the stock suspension being unnecessarily crashy for only the sake of "feeling" more sporty.

I don't mind dropping $2K on coil-overs as opposed to $500 on springs, but there just doesn't seem to be a clear winner here. The only thing I know for sure is NOT to go with BC Racing, as they believe EVERYONE wants to race their car, and offer nothing but terrible street rates.

15-25mm never caused so much damn trouble as it does in lowering.
While my Ohlins certainly do not ride softer than stock, at 18 clicks they are not noticeably firmer. I do have the 160nm rear spring rate, which is one of two variants of the M2 kit that Ohlins sells here. The 160nm is intended for street use, the 190nm for tracking.

What I am very disappointed about with the Ohlins is the steering which to my opinion never felt the same after I had the suspension installation. I do not know if the suspension causes this, if it is the alignment or the fact that I run slightly more aggressive wheels in the summer. I did have to use spacers to reuse the stock wheels with winter wheels as otherwise they would rub against the strut. So I don't even know if the Ohlins cause this.

I am not certain that my issues are due to the Ohlins. Unfortunately most shops around here don't seem to have a freaking clue what they are doing and don't seem to understand my issue, much less attempt to resolve it. I had the same issue with the KW V3 on the 1M. 3 different adjustments, but no one who knew what to do with them.

If you have a shop that is competent or if you have the tools and knowledge to do the install and adjustments yourself , and if ride quality is what you are after, than you could probably be happy with the Ohlins with 160nm springs in the rear. Of course I may be biased, but the steering issue makes me look at the Ohlins in a rather negative way, and even then, I can't fault the ride quality.
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