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Originally Posted by BMWILUVU View Post
Lebron is everything I dislike about the NBA. He could not carry the team himself and had to gather an all-star team in order to win a championship in LA on a pandemic off-season when Golden State is injured. This championship is not real and he puts up junk on drives and the 250 pounder cries like a baby on any touch.
Uh huh. Yes, I can think of so many teams with 1 All Star who have won a championship. Why do you think Giannis keeps getting smoked in the playoffs? He doesn't have a solid #2. Middleton is the third best option on a championship team..........and that's if he could play in the playoffs like he does in the regular season.

Golden State had to go get KD to win 2 of their 3. When they already had Steph, Klay, Draymond and Iggy after losing to Lebron and Kyrie the year before.

Keep up the hot takes.