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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Let's get one thing straight though. I call BS on it starting over 60k

People are throwing out all these random numbers. First of all, the car is not going to be only $2000 less than a base M3. Not going to happen. Second of all, it's not going to be priced a whopping $12k more than an CLA45 AMG, one of its main competitors.

And I already commented what it'll do better than the M235i. I think the M235i is a bloody good platform to start from, but I think that's why people are so excited about the M2. Haven't seen this kind of buzz about an M car for a while IMO.
well thats what the employee told me loll so im going off what i heard. and the M235i is supposed to be compared to the CLA45amg but its BS the way they do the comparison on