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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
I agree. Weight is the big elephant. The 1M brakes were actually terrific even though they were the same as e90 M3 the 1M was much lighter so the brakes worked better and faded less albeit not sure if Porsche good. I hope the M2 is
Much lighter than 235i but that is based on how it's optioned. For example you can only order power seats in US and only active suspension and all sorts of weight inducing options. I hope they keep the cost down let you order it stripped. Finally on motors, the perfect motor would have the torque of n54 with throttle response and sound of v8 m3 motor. If BMW made a motor like that, I would sing it praises from the rooftop. That's what I wish for
You are right, very good point on the 1M being lighter than the E92, forgot to consider that. Still though, the new M's have 4 pistons up front I believe. I'm also talking more about bite. The new ones are so much more immediate.

I think weight is what all of us are very concerned about. Personally, I didn't think the M235i was that terrible, but I wasn't pushing it on the track. The M235i was right in the middle point between my E92 and my E36. Not great, but not horrific either.

I also plan to go low options, they better give us that choice, or it could end up being a deal breaker for me. Not only do I want to keep the cost down, I also want to make the car decently light. The only options I would want to pay for are LED headlights, metallic paint and HK sound system. I'm very hopeful we can get manual cloth seats and CF roof standard. That would be a dream for me!
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