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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
I also think the M2 will do many things much better for many people but many people place a high priority on screen size, soft suspension, self parking, parking sensors, rear view camera, bluetooth integration, digital HP meters, automatic transmission, active suspension etc. For those that put a high value on that, the M2 will crush the 1M. It will also post faster numbers on the track too and it will probably have a digitally optimized sound track to go with it. But for some, all of this takes away from focus on driving and dilutes it with infotainment. I also don't care if a car is 1 second faster on the ring....I'm not going over there to race.

The things that I would like to see improved on the M2 over the 1M is throttle response and throttle linearity. The 1M throttle was hard to modulate. It had such a surge that it was difficult to manage. I would like more of the infotainment research dollars to make a more linear and more responsive turbo power plant. That is what I think could be improved over the 1M. The 1M would blow intake pipes on the track. That should be improved in the next model. The base traction control on the 1M was never fully developed and it was a pain driving it with full TC on. You had to switch to M dynamic mode for almost everything. That should be improved on the M2.

The rest of the stuff, I don't know what they can improve. I thought the fixed firm suspension and real exhaust were perfect as was the clean no-nav dash but if they address my list of core issues, I'll just have to ignore the fluff and be happy with some NA like throttle response and linear power band.
Honestly, I have no idea what kind of numbers the M2 will put up, but that's not really my main priority. I also can't comment on N54 vs N55 as I don't have that much seat time behind them.

However, I'm able to compare my E92 M3 vs M3/4, which will be similar to comparing the 1M vs the M2.
Brakes: Like I said, BMW finally stepped up in the brakes department. The new M brakes are Porsche good, seriously. And I'm talking about the standard ones, not the carbon ceramics. You think the brakes on the E9x M3 and 1M are pretty good (in terms of pedal feel) until you drive a Porsche or M3/4.
Suspension: Again, they've made an improvement. A lot of it has to do with how stiff the M3/4 is, but it remains to be seen if the M2 will be as well. I don't see why the won't bolt it to the chassis like the M3/4, which is for sure an improvement over my E92 (which will also mean improvement over the 1M). The car just feels so taut during acceleration. Also, there's absolutely nothing soft about the M3/4 suspension, so we don't even have to worry about that.
Transmission: I plan on getting the 6MT, but the 8AT (should they go with that) is an awesome transmission. The 6MT of course would be same unit from the 1M I assume, which is really damn good.

Those 3 items are pretty huge deals for me, and enhance the driving experience tremendously. The big question IMO will be the weight. I don't think we have a chance in hell with matching the 1M.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of driving the 1M, but I'm just going by the E9x M3 vs M3/4, which the 1M and M2 share parts with.
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