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Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
Sadly, didn’t work. Noticed the click on the drive home after I picked up the car. We’ll give it another attempt in a month or so.

Sorry to hear that. It took me three separate visits before the foreman was able to replicate it himself, that was only after I realized my case happens more than 50% when shifting in a LEFT-hand turn.

I was so discouraged and yet bothered by this "click", it is so much of a distraction and I am not overly OCD. At one point I was going to just have the independent shop install the UCP but I wasn't convinced it was the actual clutch pedal, it felt and sounded like a spring slipped ever so slightly from the proper anchor, and ONLY on the first 1/4-1/2" of the down stroke.

I think my suspicion is right as my dealer did not replace the pedal itself. It's been 2 days and the clutch pedal has been behaving normally.

Good luck.