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Originally Posted by HP Autosport View Post
I would like to see CF option on the M2.

And please make it at least 200 lbs lighter than the 1M, not like the porky M235i.

i think the m2 will actually be reasonably light without a CF roof.

US curb weight for a m235i 6MT is 3505. the US curb weight for the 1m which only came in manual is 3362.

one thing the m235i has against it is it has a standard sunroof. thus the most common config has a sunroof. if you delete the sunroof (technically its a delete option) it'd probably take the m235i down about 50 lbs. so at that point an m235i weighs under 100lbs more.

the m235i has standard power seats. the 1m had manual ones etc. (on an m3 this is about a 10 lb difference per seat...). a couple more things trimmed down, and the m2 could easily be under 3400lbs with no CF parts.