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BTW buy a torque wrench from princess auto, I have a 3/8 inch drive one that can go from like 20 ftlbs to 80 ftlbs so it is very helpful for jobs that require torque ranges between a 3/8 drive wrench and my big 1/2 wrench. Then I have another 3/8 drive torque wrench that goes from 5 ftlbs to 25 ftlbs for a lower range torques so I don't have any gaps in what I am able to torque from. I also am considering getting a 1/4 drive torque wrench but since those torque values would be so small I think tight is tight is ok.
Sounds good And will do!! I'll definitely document and capture pictures when I end up tackling it!!

I was going to do a bit of assessing on clearance today after my differential/6MT transmission fluid change, ended up destroying my transmission fill port was too frustrated to continue
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