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Originally Posted by Marvins View Post
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Well, the lockup for the Drexler diff is 30% on acceleration and 9% on deceleration, without input from the vehicle's logic. It's sort of a "dumb" diff, if that makes sense.

The Active M Differential is capable of 100% lockup but it's controlled by the vehicle's computer and allotted by need only, which can sometimes be jarring in racing situations, as the ECU seeks the best lock-up, for the street.

What you gain by a Drexler non-active diff is predictability and also it doesn't generate as much heat as the Active M Diff, which is better fitting for continuous, high-endurance racing situations.

Since the Active M diff works in tandem with the DSC, decoding it would send the system in a fail-safe, limp mode.
jarringly, the car drives absolutely fine with the GHAS disconnected.

Unfortunately I still have the issue with programming the DSC to stop monitoring the GHAS as it only shows a communication error and a DSC error on the KOMBI & iDrive display.

I have looked at FDL coding but there is very little related to the GHAS in the DSC and ICM, it is also on communication with the ZGM but i highly doubt trying to program or FDL code the gateway will stop the DSC searching for the GHAS.

I have looked at FDL coding and VO removal, but there are no VO codes relating to the GHAS in the vehicle.

However, I am currently searching for a way to remove/delete modules in the SVT's and potentially look for a way to flash the DSC if required when the software is removed.

The search goes on and I will keep you all updated.

Edit: Unfortunately the M4 GTS FDL coding doesn't work either
Sorry you're still having an issue, the active LSD is spirt of an M car's handing and is part of integrated vehicle dynamics, so it's not surprising it's this hard to eliminate, it's almost like changing a major ingredient in a cake, if you know what I mean.

Just as how when a vehicle comes with Adaptive Suspension, it's a nightmare to eliminate for coilovers because they're tied to the steering and DSC software logic.

I listed a coding directory in my previous post that might identify the GHAS VO map, check it out, good luck and keep us updated.
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