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Originally Posted by apue View Post
Thanks for your reply.
BMW Parramatta has a demo M2 3500km offering 97k.
It was tempting, but I should be careful after reading your post. )
Before you get too excited by the 'demo' car, may I suggest you watch this?

In a nutshell, be careful of 'demo' or 'executive driven' cars. It is not a definite 'no, don't buy'. It means, get an independent assessment done.

I think there might be less risk on a family car like Rev4, but on a performance machine... is it possible that a 'demo' car was taken home by one of the sales guys and they had a fun night at the local drag strip?

Of course, it is entirely possible that only older, mature and sedate test drivers took it on the highway for a test drive and nothing unexpected happened.

It is the unknown that concerns me.

One other thing, I made a habit of never buying showroom cars either. A mate ended up with glazed bore issue in his engine. The car was brand new, and it only had about 10,000kms by the time the issue surfaced (can't remember what the issue was). It wasn't a BMW car. An independent workshop investigated with noodle camera and discovered the engine issue. The car was never used as a demo. They concluded that it was started up in the showroom and revved up dozens of times when the engine was cold. All in the name of salespeople selling the car by impressing potential buyers. In most cars, the run-in period is critical and repeating the start-up and revving cold to every customer walking in the door over the past 12 months = not good for the engine. All with factory 15kms on the clock.

It also depends on how long you intend to keep the car. Planning to sell within the warranty period? Less concerns. Planning to keep it for 5 years plus? It might be worth approaching with caution.

Good luck and keep us informed of your deals.

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