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It's certainly interesting to me that they wouldn't just reward the enthusiast with a great car by selling more of them for a little less. The 1M was and still is popular largely due to the volume of people that could then and still can afford it. You can't build a cult following without a cult. The M2 CS will just wind up being Wikipedia fodder that no one cares about because they've never seen one let alone driven one.
They are a for profit business first and foremost!

Then they are a hat for everyone else. Meaning they have a car for just about every taste. Small, big, slow, fast, low end, high end ect.

Lastly, they cater to the enthusiast.

Unfortunately, just the way of the world these days.

I guess we should just be happy they are still bothering with making cars like the M2cs
Yes. We should all Accept mediocrity.
I'm not saying we should settle for mediocrity.

I'm saying for a company like BMW to still bother with putting out these type of cars is a positive given the general direction of the automotive industry.

The reality is there are other brands that cater more to enthusiasts!......and maybe instead of bitching about what BMW did or didn't do, we should just look elsewhere if we are not satisfied with the offering.

As these cars like the M3gts M3/4cs and M2cs don't do well in the market.........well, eventually BMW will just throw in the towel and not even bother spending the development dollars to bring them to market in the future.

Maybe an eventuality if success is not found....and so far, not looking so great 😩
You make it sound like these cars not doing great isn't something bmw can control - it is.

Price the car properly instead of ripping customers off. There's a start.