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Originally Posted by Malakas View Post
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Smart choice, I've been very dissatisfied with Ohlins and Ground Control. I've had issues with both and paired together what a nightmare.

I've had my front suspension out around six times chasing noises. I can't believe how little knowledge they have given the price point of each of their products. You get what you pay for does not ring true here.

I've eliminated 95% of my noises and the extra 5% is because the swift 2.5" springs don't properly sit on a 2.5" perch. The Swift spring ID is actually quoted at 2.56", but I measured a 1/4" gap between the top mount and the spring. I'm not sure if the Ohlins provided springs are are a true 2.5" spring, but the Swift springs aren't just binding without Swift thrust sheets, they are actually moving back and forth 1/4" since they don't fit the perch properly (makes a wonderful noise). Not my idea of quality for a $3,000+ suspension setup. I also wasted time adjusting the preload about 20 times to see if that would help the issue.

I added Swift thrust sheets today, which seems to have eliminated the horrid binding noise. The problem is the spring still shifts, since it doesn't fit correctly, and the thrust sheets make noise. Completely unacceptable given the cost and the wasted time.

Ground control is another story... They made things right, but not until after their top nuts partially stripped the threads on my strut. There's more to this story, but I get to worked up over this crap. It's fun getting accused of **** that's not your fault.
You're definitely not alone. Your post is exactly why I didn't do something more exotic. I was strongly considering the MCS singles but then it's the same issue of spring rates and length, helper springs... For a race car... Sure, but not for a daily driver doing the occasional track romp. IMO.
Not every shop /reseller can offer MCS. MCS is selective. But a good shop would listen to your experience as a driver, tire and your intended purpose. They provide the spring rates, clicks, etc. One setting for the street and another for the track.
FYI I have MCS singles on my E92 M3 "street" car that sees occasional track time with Hoosier R7. It is more comfortable on the street than stock. Then I have MCS triples on my E46 M3 race car.