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Originally Posted by Quadz View Post
France is nicer than Dallas, believe me....and last time I rode/drove there you could actually use all of your engine and mostly no one would care if out in the country. Great culture, great food, and great roads....on one ride we actually passed some authorities and they just waved hello. Things may be tighter now? as they are in Switzerland which use to be awesome in the passes. Time moves on, along with regulations.
Well you still can if you're way out in the country or in the mountains but they are putting speed cameras everywhere. They don't seem to understand that, the more speed controls there are, the more drivers look at their speedometers rather than looking at the road so you end up having even more accidents. In Switzerland you can't have fun any more because there are controls everywhere. In America the car culture is still acceptable, whereas in Europe you are more or less a criminal the minute you sit in the driver's seat.
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