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Originally Posted by IEDEI
Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
If you do want then you need to be heard, I mean really heard it should be ricocheting of the walls in Munich not like the Hamster squeak in a cookie tin that seems to be for an M2 Cabrio.
oh yeah? Well Scott26 i appreciate you taking the time to post here and tell us your's nice of you to do so.

how about BMW make a PROPER small 4 door sedan with RWD and an inline 6 (turbo whatever) and some real compact, old school BMW dimensions and proportions and let it weigh, i dunno, 3200 lbs?

I think THAT would create waves.

This FWD Civic-wannabe with a BMW badge does nothing but tell people that BMW is just like any other carmaker....ordinary and unwilling to take risks. Honestly the new Civic looks better than this.

You can fool the CLA and A3 crowd with this....quite easily....but BMW is just becoming more and more ordinary by the day......there isn't a single NON-M car in the BMW lineup that screams "BMW!!" anymore...just a bunch of marketing exercises with fat people in suits taking notes.

There was a time when you could walk into a BMW showroom and pick ANY NON-M model and know that it would be a great car to drive.

now you can walk into a showroom and know that any NON-M car will be underwhelming and boring to drive!

+ 1. Jumped shipped to porsche on my daily driver and I am now collecting past bmw's that "stand for everything that sets bmw apart" from when they knew how to make proper driver cars.