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Originally Posted by F87source View Post
Agreed on the low cost and no remapping + horse power supported.

I disagree on PnP since you need to notch the base plate, bend an extremely stiff fuel line hose. The overall result is a ghetto mounted hpfp that is secured by a very small amount of metal on the outer edge of the base plate and this whole assembly is subjected to a cam driven system with high vibration especially at high RPM's. It's just so sketchy I don't like that idea.

This is absolutely false if utilizing E85 or a fuel with sufficent octane.

to clarify certain thougths , ive ranboth hdp5evo and hdp6 ( installed ) . so i have a little xp with them .

a few pros and cons

HDP5evo pros : same height for in and output compared to oem . better orientation of the connector .
cons : is only marginally better compared to oem , doenst support ps2 and Emix . base plate is thinner , but thats not a con actually .

Hdp6 : Pros much more flow available , ps2 and emix ,no problem . thicker baseplate twice of the hdp5evo
cons ; orientation of the connector , needs some work to have clearance with intake manifold . The in and output sit a feww mm higher compared to oem . you will need to adjust the HP line to have it fitted without stress .

Both pumps dont require extra programming because bosch hardware .
both fired right up after install

all in all go for the hdp6 right away , a little more work but much more worth it
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