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Originally Posted by ///Monika View Post
I'm noticing that these vendors are bundling either nylon reinforced/braided or SS/PTFE braided lines. Might be worth discussing pros/cons. We have a question out to Spool whether or not their lines (SS/PTFE) are conductive or non-conductive. We also asked them to confirm that the ethanol sensor is Continental. Will update once we receive an answer (they generally respond within 24 hours).
Yeah they're all doing that because their HPFP's have different fittings for input, judging by dorch they use a standard fuel line pushlock fitting for the feed, and the outlet to the fuel rail is a standard bmw fitting so it's fully compatible with the oem hard line. Also the stock feed line is apparently a little bit restrictive as well, which is why they include a different one.

I personally like the SS lines with the PTFE interior, but prefer the viton stuff that improved racing sells (cloth exterior). The pros of the stainless lines are virtually zero degradation over time, the con is they're quite rigid. The pros of nylon is that it is more flexible, but the cons is that it is slightly less durable.

Conductivity of the lines shouldn't matter since they're ptfe cored.

I can confirm since I asked them this along time ago, they use the smaller version of the genuine continental/GM sensor.

Like this:

random question: why do you refer to yourself as "we", are you speaking as part of a shop or race team? Just curious.
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