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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Once upon a time you could order debadging as an official option in the US (e.g., the E39 M5), but no longer.

Personally, I wouldn't let the dealer do it, as I'd be nervous that they would scratch the car. It's easy enough to do yourself. Since the emblem is new, you may not have to soften the adhesive but you can do so with a hair dryer. Then get some fishing line and slide it under the emblem, removing it. Put some Goo-Gone on the remaining adhesive. If there is a lot of adhesive left you may need to use a plastic trim remover to scrape it off. Otherwise, just wipe the remaining adhesive off with a microfiber towel after it has softened. Clean and polish the area, apply your sealant and you're done.
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The rear Comp badge fell off mine the first week. It was just some double sided tape. I did help it, but half it was already lifted up.
I appreciate the information 👍🏻