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Awesome! I was thinking of going with the BMW fluid too. There must be a reason when their fluid is so much more costly vs the redline.

Might be overkill but personally I'll drain and fill my tranny every 30-50k miles
My prior 335i was a 6MT and yes I did change the fluid (so easy) and while researching the OEM fluid (way more expensive) I came up with these thoughts:

1. OEM Fluid is way more expensive than Redline Fluid
2. Redline Fluid was recommended by Mike Miller & Bimmerworld
3. Most users of the Redline Fluid (MTL & MT-90) Found Smooth Operation
4. BMW OEM is made to last Lifetime (say 100k miles)
5. Redline Tranny Oil is recommended to be changed (say 30K miles)

I was afraid to move away from OEM and paid big bucks for the OEM Fluid at 50K miles but then at 100K I changed to Redline (I mixed MTL with MT-90) and along with the Clutch Delay Valve delete -- I was amazed how smooth the gears shifted (BMW tech even commented how good the gears shifted).
Thank for this insight. I completely forgot about Mike Miller's guide and you're correct. He does recommend redline MTL! Sounds like that's what I will try. Recently my tranny has been a bit more notchy than it used to be. I'm at roughly 20k miles