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Originally Posted by MVersi View Post
If I upgraded to the B58 HPFP, what would be the best turbo upgrade to suit? TTE/Pure?
The B58 hpfp has 2 variants B and C, the B variant is available in NA and on most b58's and only flows slightly more than the F series n55 hpfp. The C variant found in the new Z4 m40i (mostly Euro spec) and supra is a Bosch hpd6 Evo 3.5 bar pump which flows significantly more than the F series n55 pump.

So depending on which pump you have, you may or may not require additional fuelling to Max out a turbo upgrade.

I personally prefer the pure upgrade since they've been around for awhile and are quite reputable. But imo I would skip the hybrid turbos and go straight for a "stage 3" turbo to remove the restrictive factory turbo fold.
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