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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Not a fan of all the youtube/instagram/whatever else shit out there personalities. Most of them are just pathological liars claiming to be natty, hard work/diet will get you here blah blah blah. Yeah hard work and diet pays off, but I mean come on how are you going to tell all these heads you're natural when you're clearly on a number of different substances.

The fitness industry is just smoke and mirrors, probably took me years to actually realize this in it's entirety. There are limits to a natural physique, unfortunately.

For the record I'm not against those who use, I'm against liars haha. I'm also not stating that using will lead to your goals either. The naive would think that if you use you're going to get ripped, but you'd be shocked at the people that use and still look like shit. I could go on and on, but it really just boils down to science. The elite body builders in this world are genetic specimens to begin with, but don't think for a second they're anything close to natural.

I'm natural, a few years ago I wanted to be a freak, thought about dipping my toes. But I want kids in the future. Yeah there are plenty of rebound substances out there clomid/tamoxifen(nolva)/etc. But there are also plenty of horror stories.

Sorry for the rant, but getting through the frustration of limitation is when you break your own boundaries. The thought that always kept me going "well if I don't keep pushing forward then I'll just be taking steps back, then what?".

This doesn't get too scientific, but I feel like it's a good read with realistic numbers
This right here. And along with those physique genetics come the genetics to also process said substances a lot more efficiently than others. Being around this sport as long as I have, I know people that barely take anything and their gains just explode.

And I also know others that take everything and the kitchen sink and still look mediocre.

I always thought Stuart McRobert laid out pretty good expectations in his Beyond Brawn series of what a "Natural" person could accomplish in regards to their natural joint sizes and other measures.
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