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Originally Posted by Amgkiller1017 View Post
I started a thread here just over a year ago about the onset of socialism in North America but most people said i was fear mongering and that there was no imminent threat of socialism.

How about now?
Socialism has been afoot here for decades. It's starting to get more traction, now that we've got 2 full generations of mental invalids produced by the socialist-run primary and secondary education systems. They've been taught that critical thinking is racist/homophobic/sexist, or some other "ist" that will make them a target of shame. Scientific illiteracy is epidemic. They've been indoctrinated to be deferential to authority in any form. They're so stupid that every time they blink, they think it's a new day. If brains were dynamite, they couldn't blow their noses.

And this is how we've gotten to the point there's no longer 2 sexes, but an infinite number. If you can pump enough "stupid" into kids that they'll disown their instincts, their common sense, their culture and the entire Western intellectual tradition, they become very easy to govern. They're just "tax cattle." And this was precisely the goal all along.
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