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Originally Posted by alex2364 View Post
I believe 98 xender discord omegle number of reasons. A lot of people like the sound of the flat 6 vs turbo 4, which has caused:

1. Weak 718 demand in the US and there are still new 2018 718 GTS on dealer lots.
2. Dealers haven't been able to get rid of their in stock 718 cars even though there hasn't been any new 718 allocations for the US for the past 6+ months.
3. The latest rumor is that new 718 GTS isn't expected to come back to the US until late 2020 at the earliest and it could come back as a flat 6.

What this tells me is that the 718 market has been weak and dealer inventory has outmatched demand. Now is a good time to get a 718 if you don't mind the sound. I believe once the 718 GT4 and 718 GTS flat 6 (rumor) comes out, 981 values will start to cool.
To summarize my question here, is paying 65-70k too much for a 2016 GTS? Am concerned I may be paying a high premium and pricing on the GTS might normalize next couple of years.

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