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Originally Posted by ///Mvious View Post
Originally Posted by IK6SPEED View Post
Wrong. All deposits on BMW's are refundable. Having actually ordered a new car to my spec instead of buying used or generic off lot, I know that.

So, "millions" would put $100 down on a 3 series? Interesting, as BMW sold just under 12,000 3 Series in Q3 2019 while Tesla sold just under 80,000. That's what, over 6.5:1

Tesla deposits have a high follow through.

Seems you have Elon envy.

I actually quite like Elon. Just not the blind Tesla followers. You seem to have reality envy. Your skewing the reality of the numbers to fit your opinion.Ok so Q3 while bmw sold 12k 3 series in the USA, Tesla sold 80k globally? Interesting,When the next month or so an all new 3 series is coming out. And You want to use that to back Tesla? Weird... Bmw likely sells more 3 series in a year than Tesla sells cars period. You can't use sales #s for shit
Wow. You really do not know reality.

The 3 series has been out for 8 months.

People laying out their hard earned money is the ONLY metric that matter. That's not "shit".
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