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Originally Posted by Artifacts in Motion View Post
All of the speculation is too preliminary. Today's purchase will determine tomorrow's product. Want a halo car? Keep buying M Cars instead of giving into the housewife when she wants a monster truck X5 for her two kids that are smaller than most dogs. Stop buying crossovers because you THINK you need the ride height for doing 99% highway driving in non inclement weather. Start buying cars that demand performance rather than size or trends.

I'm preaching to the choir though. No one on Bimmerpost is affecting BMW corporate decisions except for MAYBE M cars alone, which is great if true, but still unlikely. Their target demographic doesn't use a forum. They see some new shit on TV with a badge, go to their local dealer, compromise with their spouse, and then purchase something in excess of their needs.
Porsche sells more SUVs than other cars in their range and still manages Halo cars though.
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