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Originally Posted by ///Mvious View Post
Originally Posted by IK6SPEED View Post
Which BMW Model has 200,000+ individual deposits on it - much less, in 100 hours?
Every model would, if BMW wanted to let people put $100 refundable deposits down. There would easily be millions of 3 series deposits alone, go somewhere else with that Tesla garb.
Wrong. All deposits on BMW's are refundable. Having actually ordered a new car to my spec instead of buying used or generic off lot, I know that.

So, "millions" would put $100 down on a 3 series? Interesting, as BMW sold just under 12,000 3 Series in Q3 2019 while Tesla sold just under 80,000. That's what, over 6.5:1

Tesla deposits have a high follow through.

Seems you have Elon envy.
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