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"M has never been dogmatic about any particular technology – electrification is not rocket science and it's not the game changer that people think it's an easy answer to every question."

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Which BMW Model has over 200,000 individual deposits on it?
I really hope people don't consider those $100 "deposits" to mean much. I've put more down preordering a video game. Absolutely useless metric. I personally know a handful of people that bought it just to buy and never intend to purchase the truck. This isn't like the $1000 or $5000 deposits that they've taken for the 3 and roadster.
Again, which BMW model are 200,000+ people rushing to a BMW Dealer and putting down $100 for, refundable or not - in less than 100 hours?

To put it in perspective, BMW only sold 25,000 vehicles in the USA last month.

And at $20M+ and rising daily, we aren't talking small change.
Your comparison is moronic because there has never been a comparable situation. BMW hasn't ever done a PR stunt like that. Artificially inflated "preorders" because of the refundable negligible cost to it. Might as well have been a free "sign up for more info" on their site. People that are leaning on those numbers to actually mean anything are goofy.