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Originally Posted by xswesx View Post
my brand new non ED m2 has been sitting at the port for over 3 weeks....

its like pulling teeth to figure out whats going on, really turning me off to the brand.

My last bmw for sure.
Dude, you custom ordered a car, from a factory half way across the world, that has to get through customs/duties through multiple countries, and it will magically be delivered to your dealer at the same price as if you bought one off the lot. Are you seriously complaining about a delay in that process? If this turns you off to BMW, I suggest you swear off any foreign built cars and just buy ones built in the great ol' US.

In fact, why even buy it now? It's not an ED car that you already paid for. You aren't required to buy it. Just go get something else.

I get that you wish it was faster, but sometimes I think people need to take a step back and realize how complicated this process is and how even one hiccup caused by something as small as customs being 1 man down at the port has a cataclysmic impact on every chain of this process. As to not getting the information you want, just remember millions of goods enter the US a day and your car is one of the thousands of BMWs. Hard to get that level of detail to you. What is your SA supposed to do? Call the customs officer in charge? How would he even do that? Same thing with VPC.

Edit: I realize I am being a bit harsh. I think I would be annoyed too if this was my first rodeo. I did ED and my car took 4.5 weeks from US port to dealer, but since I have done this before and work heavily in supply chain legal issues, I get that delays happen. That being said, I see how it can sour the experience a bit and apologize if my original post comes off as really insensitive to that very real impression this is leaving on you.
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