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Haha that is laughable and simply outrageous for a Kia that will sell for less than MSRP in a few months. This is the vehicle that Kia hopes will transform its brand, so I would assume it would want anyone to get into this vehicle with ease. Wonder what Kia's corporate office will say to this.

Thanks for sharing!
They failed so miserably with the Stinger to change their image I imagine little will happen.

I test drove a stinger when they first came out and I think the car is actually great, styling is a little odd but driving wise it is good for a big 4 door sedan. I told the sales guy I am not interested in the black one they had since I don't do black cars and that I really didn't want to buy one now, I was just interested in the hype and would probably be in the market in 18-24 months. I also said I was really not interested in a lease and if anything I would pay half cash half loan from my CU if I did buy one.

He said wait a minute let me run some numbers and I just let him go while I was still digging though the menus in the infotainment system. He comes back with a "super deal" of a 48 month lease for $750 a month (32k over the lifetime of the lease)! This was on a 42k MSRP GT1 RWD btw. And at the end I would have had the PRIVILEGE to pay 25k residual to buy the thing!

I politely told him no thank you since I don't want to buy the black one they had on the lot as I had told him 5-6 times and proceed, said that when I was in the market I would think about the Stinger and then headed to leave. He then literally yells across the showroom floor with other customers around how I was wasting his time and I should be ashamed of myself.

The mindset of Kia dealers is still the bottom of the barrel "we will give anybody financing as long as they have a pulse" car business even with the good cars they build.
Well I'm actually considering a Genesis G90 as a cruiser and I know Hyundai is putting a lot of effort to differentiate the sales experience from your run of the mill Hyundai's. Hope this kind of attitude will be squashed. And honestly, I see a lot of potential with this new concierge approach.

The G90 for USA will be launched next week, so hoping they will also give insight into the selling experience. I know in Canada, you buy it straight from corporate and it does not go through a dealership. Hoping this is the same case here. No BS or attitude from "entry" brand dealers.