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After very long time, and thinking to either go with custom tune or bootmod3 or mhd.

I've decided to go with MHD option as their OTS maps seems to be little bit less agressive compared to bootmod3 and it would give me a little bit piece of mind.

The only downside was a very long initial flashing process which took 24 min. and I'm sure this is fixed now with the upcoming wifi adapter.

But, after reflash was completed I'm very pleased with overall results!

My stock FBO without remap 100-200 was around 10.5 (manual
Also, 3rd gear pull 100-150km/h was flat 4 seconds.

With their Stage2+ 93/98RON, I got the following results on the same rode in similar conditions:

100-150 km/h flat 2.99seconds
100-200 km/h around 9.4 seconds!

If I would be little bit on shifting from 3rd to 4th, I'm sure I could get to 9s without prob!

Thank you! MHD Tuning