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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Like Rmtt said Peanut butter is my go to. Late night snacks for myself include greek yogurt, rice cake w/ PB, english muffin w/ pb, just pb lol, and eggs.

Haven't posted here in a while due to vacation two weeks ago (proposed to the long time GF down there, she said yes so that was great) and travel for work last week. I'm down to a resting 190 (5' 10") from my usual resting weight of around 198-200. Going to just keep the ball rolling and cut some more for the summer. Doesn't seem like I have lost too much muscle mass even though I was drinking life a fish from the 4th to the 11th this month.

Finally got a proper gym day in yesterday, back/tri. Today is shoulder/bi and I am pumped up about it! Due to the weight loss my goal of a sub 21min 5k is becoming closer and closer (currently at around a 7min 15sec mile pace).

Need to start bringing a towel to the gym, their AC units can't keep up with the heat so I usually end up drenched from head to toe in there.