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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
I was in that "cycle" for years. I looked good, a little bigger than average, and always lean. Kind of like one of those male gymnasts you see on the rings or something.

It wasn't until I started training with my current partner that he straight up told me that if I ever wanted to put on any real size and strength, I was going to have to up my calories even if it meant eating dirty. He said hit your protein requirements, then hit some Big Macs and Pizza or something.

Do that and train like your life depended on it always pushing to lift heavier and heavier...and your body can't help but to grow.

3 years or so of that put close to 25lbs of lean muscle on me.

Only reason I am back to eating healthy year round now is because of my age. Size wise I am happy, and I usually stay within 10-15lbs of my "beach weight".

It's a lot easier to hold onto muscle than to build it in the first place.
I did this 4 years ago and went overboard up to 190 lbs lol (I'm 5'10"). Wasn't straight up eating garbage but wasn't eating clean either. Looked like the Michelin Man.

But yeah I've got to do something to up those calories and protein. Stuck at like 167 lbs.
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