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At Sunday's autox the nanny's kicked in on me on the last run of the day. I was in Sport with the DSC completely off. The car told me my pressures were too low about 2 minutes before pulling off to the start line, . I pulled them up and the car had them all at either 32 or 33 lbs. I had been bleeding down to 35 lbs all day with a borrowed gauge - it was likely showing a lb or two lower than actual. A timing issue delay must have given them enough time to drop temps and pressure. The car was cutting power within the first 10 seconds of the run and continued to cut power throughout whenever I began to load up a corner. Miserable...

Running Re71R's. 275/35/18's and 305/30/19's.

Has anyone tried to run with pressures in the lowish 30's range with success? I was surprised, frustrated and disappointed at the intrusiveness.