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I now fully understand the title and essence of this thread as I patiently wait for my M2C to cross the Atlantic after just sitting in it and making one lap around the showroom at BMW Welt. Had I not done that, the anticipation and wait would perhaps be a bit more bearable... 🤔😳😂
Ah yes, the one worst part about European Delivery. I feel your pain. I did 1,500 miles through four countries in my beloved before the agonizing two month wait. Stay strong brother!
Try doing ED but not getting the car on the road, winter tires not available on the M2C USA speck (big brakes)

I just got to look at it...

I don't drink warm/cool beer like they do, I don't like white boiled sausages and the women were not all tall thin blondes more like Amy Schumer's

I found a Dunkin' Donuts in Munich that doesn't serve iced coffee WTF?

It's not incredible its memorable!

But, I loved every minute of it, had fun with my son, day trip to Salzburg, nice restaurants and the people was truly friendly/helpful