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Thank you for the info! I've been running 30 psi all ends the last few years in my C7. Planning on putting RE-71 on immediately when I get the car, and just saving the stock tires for another time. I'm on the fence about also jumping to 265/285 over the 255/275. Do you think there will be rubbing / clearance issues?

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My experience on my ‘17 M2 was that due to the relatively stiff sidewalls, the RE-71R is tolerant of a wide range of pressures. With the square 265/35-18’s, I started at 32f/32r on the recommendation of a fellow M2 driver. Another friend of mine in a ‘18 M2 said he ran 36f/36r. I tried that and liked it, although I ended up at 36f/38r to get better rotation.

With the M2C, I started at 32/32 with the 255/35-19, 275/35-19 setup. On a low-grip surface, running 30 in back makes the rotation easier to manage. Most of my events take place at a venue with grippy but abrasive concrete. I don’t know how much more abuse the fronts will take, so I’m going to try 36/34 for my next event. I may roll the dice and try 265/285 next.

Run some events with the OEM tires. The M2C is way more throttle-steery than the base car. You need to learn how to cope with it.

More than you wanted to know?
No rubbing issues on my '18 with this setup (255/35 & 275/35) with stock suspension and PS4s.