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Originally Posted by randyt View Post
I have been over to Europe a few times and each time has been different. Some for work, some times with other family.

I actually found the M2 ED liberating and not constrained in the slightest. Sure, I had a pickup and drop off schedule, but I would have those types of constraints on any trip. Everything after that was open to my discretion and whim.

I waited a long time for my M2 (~18 months) so the anticipation probably has something to do with things. The fact that what we did was not tailored to meet work demands or the least common denominator in a groups desires also played a role.

Regardless, the whole experience offered a freedom to go wherever we wanted to go, to do whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it and enabled a very fluid and flexible schedule.

Still, I have to say the I would love to have the time & funds to do what you do and spend 6 weeks a year in Europe. There are, as you say, lots of things to see and do in many different countries.

My ED only allowed a glimpse, but it was a truly great time.
Life isn't any better in Europe than it is in N. America, only different. I view my time in France as my "2nd life;" a compliment to my "real" life. I know people there whom I interact with a lot during my short visits, people I know well, but in between trips, we have nothing whatever to do with each other.

Some of the reason for my own repeated trips is my wish to maintain my French language capabilities, which I think would be lost if I spent less time yearly in a place where everyone speaks the language. In addition, I like the lifestyle, the wine and the food, but at the end of each trip I am really glad to drive to the airport and to take the flights home.

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