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Wow, that's a shame. I personally had an amazing time in Europe on my ED. Are you sure you went to the same place?

I suppose I am puzzled as to why driving your M2 in Europe endangers it any more than driving it here. I found the roads better than the ones where I live for the most part. You could certainly bring a roll of blue tape or even some ppf and protect the paint if that was your concern. It's not that difficult to apply for temporary use.

Perhaps you should have either driven further and/or stayed longer. That way you could reach the magic number, get your break in service done and go fast if that is what you needed. You can't responsibly do 130+ here anywhere other than on track even when you reach break in or whenever you deem it appropriate so driving here will, I expect, be disappointing as well.

I put 1,604 miles on my M2 while in Europe and loved each and every one of them. FWIW, I still didn't push too hard after break in service. Didn't feel the need to wind it up but I certainly enjoyed driving a very capable M2 without speed limits.

If it's just a matter of going fast, rent an M2, or whatever, for a day and drive the heck out of it. Rather than "endanger" my M2, I did exactly this at the Nürburgring and had an awesome time. The best thing I did, aside from renting a car that was set up for the track, was hire an instructor for a couple of hours. Great way to get acquainted with the track. Oh, and you can certainly go as fast as the track, your skills and car will allow.

Sorry it was disappointing for you because it is a great opportunity to drive, explore, see some awe inspiring scenery, meet great people, eat good food and see some pretty amazing things.

To each his own I guess. Personally, I want to do it again, several times.

Drive safe.