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My experience was just the opposite. I am dropping off my car at Frankfurt today and will be receiving it in VA eventually as well.

I got the 1200 mile service done at 1000 miles in Frankfurt and put another 500 miles of pretty much full throttle anywhere and those roads are plentiful in the Frankfurt area. The first 1k miles were a tease keeping under 106 mph!

It is true you could rent a car but a one week rental of a car such as this or M3/M4 would run over 1000 dollars at best for a week, closer to 1500 with full insurance. I drove it for two weeks so that would have been a crazy bill.

For me I figured we were so close to winter and I don't plan on putting winter tires so as long as I get it back before spring hits I don't mind.

Yes I have a couple of small rock chips on the bumper but nothing a dot of touch-up won't take care of!

The weather was unexpectedly perfect during my entire 2 weeks here in the 50s and 60s.