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Originally Posted by Cavpilot2k View Post
Hi all,
I am on the cusp of ordering an M2 (there's finally one I can test drive at a dealership). I'm in Pembroke, MA (south Shore). I was wondering who locally might have various exhaust mods - I'd love to hear some in person (MPE, Dinan, etc).

Also, if I go through with it (I'm having trouble parting from my Dinan 135), it will become my daily driver.
How would you guys rate its usability as a DD on the local roads?

For reference, I'm coming from a 135 M-Sport, which while surely not as stiff as the M2, can be pretty rough on New England roads, but I've grown used to it.
Hey Cav, good luck with your imminent purchase.

I don't have an aftermarket catback or MPE but I do have a Fabspeed sport cat, which I believe sounds amazing. It has a deeper tone and sounds loud enough from the inside and outside the car. I would recommend to get the car, then get the cat, and then decide then whether to get a catback exhaust.

The M2 is a bit stiff. Definitely less compliant than my previous C7 Corvette and 987 Boxster. I would say it's doable as a daily driver because I am doing it. Then again I don't have a bad hip or any physical hindrance so maybe I am ignorant to certain considerations. Downsizing to 18 inch wheels and getting higher profile tires is always an option if you find the ride to be too rough.
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