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1st is the old style clamp that does say is for the version that butted the pipes to each other then used the wide band clamp. The 2nd is the current design that the pipe slides over the stock pipe at the cut. The doc states to torque to 55nm. It is the same as the ones (pictured) they use on the F80/82 MPE
Does your MPE rattle during cold start or has the new clamp fixed that problem?
Also, do you happen to have the part number for the new clamp?
My dealer fixed the cold start rattle to some extent but there is still a tiny bit left. I would rather have them fix it with the new clamp. Not sure if it can be done to an existing cut in the exhaust as the new one is supposed to slide over. Thanks in advance!
Mine rattles, the colder it is out the more it rattles. My MPE on the M4 rattled like crazy so am used to it
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