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My two cents. I'd buy my wife the DCT. The DCT will change quicker than a human ever could a manual. It's .2 seconds quicker 0-63mph and more importantly will give better gas mileage due to the extra gear. The 7 speed has a closer ratio between gears so will mean you can stay on the power more often.

The manual has 50/50 weight distribution & considered 'better' by purists.

Best I can give you is don't let anyone convince you 'buying a dct means your not a real car guy' a real race driver would have the dct... a drag racer would have a dct and a circuit racer would have the dct.

Edit: I'm old fashioned and learnt to drive in the days when you had no ABS, no traction control & only 4 gears. I'm also cheap and purchased a manual