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Originally Posted by Ghostriderf80 View Post
ZCP (Zee Competition Pack) is the BMW option code for Competition Package. They are called Competition Package here in the US as well just like everywhere else. Also, please enlighten us more how US spec cars are detuned compared to EU spec counterparts. I really hope you won't come back saying "EU spec has 450HP while US spec makes 444HP". Both EU and US spec M3 (or any other BMW model) make the same amount of power so neither is detuned. In Europe, the DIN metric horsepower (PS) is used while US uses HP. 1 PS = 0.986 HP ==> 450PS = 444HP.
There is a difference on how they drive and feel. For example drove M3 basic with DCT, (a real transmission) back to back one in Canada on 401 and one in UK. The difference is very apparent. Stiffest suspension setting, noise, how it handles and power. Shift speeds. The Canadian version had much more body roll, not overly more but enough to notice. It had interestingly the finger gesture navigation in it. This is not an option in EU and no dealer heard of it till this G20.

You say 450 or 444 well actually it does not matter because that HP you will not feel. Fuel can make lots of difference. Germany you get 100 shell race fuel, I am sure you can get 94 in Canada. It may or may not be equivalent, but on 100 octane this car is a killer.

Lots of this can be address with a software flash.

It did not feel as torquey as the one in UK, the orange fingers really ruined the front.

I ended up with a M3 Competition with GTS software, ESS tune and lots of other nice touches etc.... Sadly no F1Rs.

So I don't particularly want to get into a debate or argument with the forum. Its my experience.

Audi and VW are very much similar in how detuned they are in Canada. Anyhow, enjoy your Saturday. If you live on both sides of the pond you can experience the difference yourself.[/QUOTE]
You still haven't answered my question. You claimed NA cars are detuned. Please prove your point with credible source aside from your butt dyno. Also, of course these cars are going to make different amount of power on different fuel (94 vs 100). However, this is not what "detuned" means. Show us EU and NA cars make different power on the same day, same dyno and same gas then you'll have a point.