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Originally Posted by Flange View Post
DB - still no issues without the OPF’s?
I’ve had the opf back Milltek race system fitted but still not happy with the sound (or lack of).

Thinking of fitting the sports cats and removing the OPFs - assume it doesn’t need a remap?
No issues without OPFs. I have old DME software and it doesn't detect missing OPFs when replaced with hif low cats, so no faults on my car.

I actually sold my Milltek mid & rear a few montsh ago, I just didn't like the sound. It's not e milltek problem, all these systems just amplify the not very good S55 sound, i'm much happier with OE mid and rear with Milltek HI flow secondary CATs in place of OPF.

So now I've got decat DPs to go on in the new year, but the secondary CATs will allow me to pass UK emissions test come the time.

The only way to get a proper I6 sound is to go down the route of a bespoke "equal length" system that I'll be getting made up in the new year to test. Nobody makes one so I'm doing it myself...

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