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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
What is this shortage you speak of There are still new 718s on dealership lots that are more than a year old because they arent selling.
Because those 718s are dealer orders and are often optioned to near-911 levels, for one. Many of the 718 owners I know didn't want a 'baby 911'. They want a sports car.

Throughout most of this year, no one could even special-order an S -- even in Europe. For most of this year, orders of base 718s were limited to 2-3 allocation months, as well. The primary reason? GTS production, as well as re-tooling to accommodate flat-6 variants, as well as the completion of manufacturing migration from Zuffenhausen to Osnabruck (and the indirect logistics of Porsche's partial bulldozing and reconstruction of the Zuffenhausen complex to enable Taycan/EV production), as well as WLTC-EPA hiccups, as well as prioritization of availability in the EU and Asia, where 718 demand is stronger ... shall I go on? Because I can ...

The 718 isn't selling poorly. It's selling just fine, but mostly elsewhere -- and Porsche has to prioritize and meter output. The U.S. is not Porsche's only market. Not by a long shot.
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