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Originally Posted by sdpauly View Post
Something about the rear of the 2-series makes the wheels look disproportionately small. In the last two pics of the M2 test mule you can see what I mean. The rear wheels are (presumably) the same diameter as the fronts, but in those pictures the rear wheels actually look smaller than the front, even when the rear is closer to the camera. It's a strange aspect to the design... Hopefully with the right kind of fender flares and design language they can overcome this..
Part of that is because of the visually larger wheel wells at the front in those oblique photos (you see more of the underside) - but it's also due to the much higher quarter panel hips at the rear relative to the lower quarter panels at the front, which creates an optical illusion due to the tire height being a lower proportion of the overall vehicle height at the rear. I see this phenomenon on a lot of contemporary cars which have gone with the popular "high-ass" shape - compare to an E30 or E46.... these high-ass cars really need staggered wheel sizes to look proportionally correct.