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Originally Posted by carphreak View Post
Attached pics from the LA auto show as well lol
As per a prior post, I have a friend’s Shelby GT350 sitting in my garage . . . I have had the occasion to take the car out for short runs around town.

When I saw your pic of the shifter it reminds me of two things I do not like about the Shelby. (1) the stock shifter is too tall, (2) the clutch travel is too long. For enthusiasts, I suspect both ‘issues’ could be easily addressed in an hour, or two, in the comfort of one’s own garage.

Aside from THE obvious positive regarding Shelby acoustics, I must say the seats in the Shelby are also fantastic.

I realize we are all talking about sport cars and the ‘track’ is perceived as being the sport car proving ground. However, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of Shelby, M2, 718 . . . owners never sniff a track. So, the spirited daily drive represents the most realistic litmus test. Personally, I find the Shelby and my 718 CGTS to fall in opposite extremes of overall driving experience, and the M2C right in-between.

I favor the 718 CGTS end of the spectrum and find the M2C different enough that I am about to pull trigger and add one to my garage. I am not about to ‘dis’ the Shelby, but it simply does not suit my ownership interests. I more than respect different views and interests when it comes to car ownership.