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Whew, my thread devolved into an argument. Anyways, friend finally dialed his car in. Took it for a spirited drive on the local mountains. Frankly the steering feels like a light hydraulic quick rack. His car is all poly/delrin, no rubber bushings. MGW shifter is even better than stock, like a low smooth CAE. Requires slightly too much effort imo haha, but that's nitpicking. And I had a lot of complaints of it feeling fat in the rear, that's nearly gone. While it isn't quite as placeable as a modified M2C, it's nearly there.

I also drove my old E36 M3 with quite a bit in mods in the LA canyons recently. That car feels very jank(220k miles), definitely appreciate the M2C's newness. But the upgraded hydraulic rack is something I really wish the M2C had. Another car I recently drove was a GT3 on track, and you can feel the weight difference vs 350/M2C. It screams LOUD, and just rotates in an amazingly controlled way. Probably my favorite street car I've driven besides maybe an exige S260.

I'm picking up my car tomorrow with complete fall-line bushings, and frankly if it isn't on the 350's level of steering feel, might be time to part out and sell. If you track/drive backroads hard mainly with the M2C, the sound and feel frankly isn't there compared to the competition. If it's your daily it's perfect stock. Just my take.

(Attached pics from the LA auto show as well lol)
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