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Originally Posted by xcusem3 View Post
Yeah I know what the csl is... they are doing a direct comparison between the two which is why I mentioned what I did...
There's almost 15 years of technology advancements between the two cars, you would think weight savings would be a huge part of bmws R&D for this car but clearly not
I can't find an exact figure but at the time the E46 M3 CSL was new, it cost more than the equivalent 911. It was an even more extremely-priced M3 variant than both E92 M3 GTS and F82 M4 GTS were and was even more extreme than those cars in its weight savings.

If M2 Competition was $120,000 today they could probably have been able to afford some serious weight reduction but we can see where they had to save money vs. the F8x M3/M4 - the M2 ends up weighing just as much as the significantly larger F8x models because it lacks the carbon roof, carbon driveshaft, carbon trunk (of the M4), etc. despite actually being shorter than the E46 and actually being closer in length to the E36 3 series!

I'm not saying I disagree with you, the CSL was and still is a hugely impressive vehicle but there's no way to replicate that at the M2 Competition's price level. In my opinion, allllll the cool shit we get for such a small price bump over the original M2 is pretty damn impressive and I think M2 Competition is one of the bargains of the century (as long as you don't try to lease it).

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