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Cool BMW M2 (F87) Gets More Advanced Body + New Video + Nurburgring Sighting

BMW M2 (F87) Gets More Advanced Body + New Video

Update September 3:

We have added photos of the advanced prototype spotted testing on the Nurburgring.

F87 M2 prototypes have now been spotted with more advanced bodies. Gone is the M235i front fascia from the previous spotted prototypes. The front bumper is now fully camouflaged, indicating that what lies underneath is the production-intent bumper styling.

The previously boxy flared front fenders have been ditched in favor of traditional flared and molded fenders as we no longer see a large body gap from the earlier prototypes. As the fenders have been so widened compared to the standard 2 Series, the sideskirts do not yet fit properly.

There is no sign yet of a potential hood bulge (that's a M235i hood), carbon fiber roof, special trunk/spoiler, nor mirrors, but those may come yet.

As before, we also see the quad exhaust tips, M brakes (which will be painted blue on the production M2), drilled rotors and M limited slip differential.

The M2 will begin production in late Fall 2015, for deliveries in late 2015 - early 2016. It will feature the N55 turbo inline 6 engine (N55B30T0), producing around 370-380 PS (365-375 HP).

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BMW M2 Prototype Spied September 3, 2014

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Photos courtesy of Autogespot.

Here's some new video:

Compare to the previously spotted M2 prototypes:

BMW M2 Prototype Spied June 5, 2014