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BMW M2 CS spy pics and videos!

Is it you BMW M2 CS

The M2 CS or the rumored upcoming BMW M2 CSL, which resident insider ynguldyn has pegged to be introduced mid-2020 as MY2021 for a one year run, has now been spotted!

Latest M2 CS info, which was recently revealed by ynguldyn:
  • M2 CS is the final name
  • 445hp (331kW - 450hp metric)
  • both manual and DCT
  • CF roof standard
  • Colors: Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Hockenheim Silver, Misano Blue
  • Black alcantara/leather mix likely the only interior choice
  • Alcantara steering wheel optional
  • Unique interior trim
  • CCB optional
  • Coming later this year
Here are the differences from the standard M2 / M2 Competition:
  • Carbon ceramic brakes
  • Carbon fiber roof
  • Sculpted hood with bulge
  • Front spoiler lip
  • Trunk spoiler
  • Rear diffuser
  • 19 inch forged wheel Y-spoke Style 763 M
  • Michelin Sport Cup 2 Tires (265/35/19 rear)

Updated November 11, 2019 with latest video from the Nürburgring (November 8, 2019)

Updated November 2, 2019 with latest video from the Nürburgring (camouflaged hood air vent spotted again)

Updated September 12, 2019 with latest video from the Nürburgring
(first minute features new footage of the M2 CS prototype reported in the August 1, 2019 update - subsequent footage already featured in the video reported in the August 26, 2019 update, except for the last minute)

Updated September 4, 2019 with latest video from the Nürburgring

Updated August 26, 2019 with latest video from the Nürburgring (now also showing a hood air vent)

Updated August 1, 2019 with latest spy photos showing more elements, such as carbon fiber roof!

BMW M2 CS Reveals More

Analysis of photos of the parked M2 CS prototype by moderator Artemis
  • what can be seen: 6-speed manual transmission. Misano Blue Metallic body color peeking through the camo. Carbon ceramic brakes (red 'code 2NH' brakes are standard - yellow CCB are optional). Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Double bubble CF roof. CF hood (featuring a power dome). CF front spoiler lip (splitter). CF trunk spoiler. CF rear diffuser. M alcantara steering wheel with perforated/pinched 12 o'clock marker and M1/M2 buttons. Adaptive M Suspension button is clearly visible on the center console. Red start/stop button. Still the familiar 'black panel' instrument panel.
  • what to further expect: the M2 CS gets 19" 763M wheels (not the 437M wheels (base M2) nor the 788M wheels (M2 Competition)). The M4 CS seats (featuring cut-outs) will feature red stitching (instead of grey) and the integrated head rests will feature the M stripe (as seen on a previously spotted M2 CS test mule). Safety belts will also feature the M stripe. Additional alcantara interior trim with perforated/pinched CS logo on the dash and M3/M4 CS style center console (no armrest). Tail lights will be darkened (blacklines).
  • what remains uncertain: at first glance (still) no air vent integrated inside the hood (as seen on the M3/M4 CS and M4 GTS) and (still) no M2 M Performance Parts functional side air vents. Time will tell whether any such features are hidden under the camo or whether not considered for the M2 CS.
  • what not to expect: there will be no armrest on the center console (M3/M4 CS design language). No sign of a head-up display option (unavailable on any current 2-Series). No comfort access option (M2/M2C). No glass roof option (M2/M2C). Body colors: no Long Beach Blue Metallic (M2/M2C), no Sunset Orange Metallic (M2C) and no Mineral Grey Metallic (M2).
Updated July 1, 2019 with new video from the Nürburgring

Updated June 17, 2019 with best look at interior yet

BMW M2 CS Interior Best Look Yet

Updated April 27, 2019 with best video yet!

Updated April 16, 2019 with newest prototype pics

BMW CS Prototype

Analysis of photos by moderator Artemis

New features:
  • the integrated head rests now feature the M stripe, as seen on the M3/M4 CS seats (seats that feature cut-outs: see here, here and here); so it looks like the M2 CS is definitely getting the M4 CS seats (as was also already suggested by a previously leaked seats picture: see here);
  • the end of the exhaust tips has a 'cut-off' finish design, as seen on the M3/M4 CS (see here), instead of the 'rounded'/'curled' finish design seen on the original M2 (see here), the M2 Competition (see here) and on previous test mules (see here); those exhaust tips may suggest an M Performance Exhaust, but the test mule muffler looks the same as the stock muffler of the M2 Competition, so likely no MPE;
  • though looks can deceive, it looks as if this test mule sits low on the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (see especially the rear wheels); could it be sitting on the M2 M Performance Parts suspension kit (coilovers) (see here) ?
Previously spotted features that also feature on this test mule:
  • carbon fiber hood featuring a power dome (likely the M2 M Performance Parts carbon fiber hood: see here); at first glance no air vent à la M3/M4 CS and M4 GTS (see here and here) hidden under the camo;
  • double bubble carbon fiber roof (likely the M2 M Performance Parts CF roof: see here);
  • carbon ceramic brakes (CCB) (gold-colored) (optional), as seen on the M3/M4 CS (see here); we may reasonably assume that the '2NH' M Sport Brake will be standard;
  • carbon fiber front spoiler lip (splitter), as seen on the M3/M4 CS (see here); maybe integrated winglets as featuring on the M2 Performance Parts front lip (see here) ?
  • carbon fiber trunk spoiler, as seen on the M3/M4 CS (see here);
  • carbon fiber rear diffuser, as seen on the M3/M4 CS (see here and here);
  • 19" 437M wheels sporting the original M2 (the M2 CS gets 19" 763M wheels);
  • M safety belts, as seen on the M2 Competition;
  • not visible, but unlike the original M2 and M2 Competition, the M2 CS gets the Adaptive M Suspension.
Not present:
  • at first glance this M2 CS test mule does not feature the optional M Alcantara Steering Wheel;
  • at first glance still no sign of the darkened/blackline tail lights that are rolled out to all 2-Series as standard feature, thus including the M2 Competition and M2 CS (see here);
  • at first glance no M2 M Performance Parts functional side air vents hidden under the camo (see here and here); those front fenders would be kinda cool as standout feature to visually distinguish the M2 CS even more from the M2 and M2 Competition (if BMW M reads this post: do it, it's functional - "form follows function", right ?); but in the real world, BMW might just settle for the M2 M Performance Parts carbon fiber air breather side bars (see here);
  • the original M2 and M2 Competition did/do not feature a head-up display option; looks like the M2 CS ain't gonna get it either (unlike the M3/M4 CS).

Updated March 18, 2019 with interior photo

BMW M2 Prototype Closeups With Interior Look

Updated March 12, 2019 with closeups!

BMW M2 Prototype Closeups

Updated February 19, 2019 with new M2 CS / CSL prototype sighting!

BMW M2 CS / CSL Spied Again!

Video added:


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